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প্রকাশিত তারিখ : August 4, 2019 | আপডেট সময়: 1:25 PM


BNP for ensuring free treatment of dengue patients!

BNP for ensuring free treatment of dengue patients!

BNP has called upon the government to provide subsidy to public and private hospitals for ensuring free treatment to dengue patients.

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said: “We are requesting the authorities concerned of the government to give necessary subsidy to the hospitals for the treatment of dengue patients. The government should also take steps for ensuring free dengue tests.”

He made the call while talking to reporters after a meeting of BNP standing committee members at the party’s chairperson’s Gulshan office last evening.

Noting that the government has given financial assistance to different people of its choice from the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, he said: “We think that the government should raise more money for the fund and spend it for the treatment of common people as they are now in need.”

“The community centres in the capital can be used as hospitals for ensuring treatment of dengue patients as all the hospitals are finding it difficult to accommodate patients due to the serious outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease,” he added.

He informed that BNP has decided setting up a medical camp of specialised doctors at its Nayapaltan headquarters with the help of Doctors Association of Bangladesh (DAB) to advise dengue patients online.

He alleged that the government has failed to deal with the dengue outbreak while the irresponsible remarks made by the health minister and the two city corporation mayors have made the situation worsen.

Mentioning that the dengue situation has turned acute as it spread to 64 districts, Fakhrul further said: “The government couldn’t take effective measure to control the menace!


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[প্রিয় পাঠক, আপনিও এফ টিভি নিউজ অনলাইনের অংশ হয়ে উঠুন। লাইফস্টাইলবিষয়ক ফ্যাশন, স্বাস্থ্য, ভ্রমণ, নারী, ক্যারিয়ার, পরামর্শ, রাজনীতি, খাবার, রূপচর্চা ও ঘরোয়া টিপস নিয়ে লিখুন এবং সংশ্লিষ্ট বিষয়ে ছবিসহ মেইল করুনএ ঠিকানায়। লেখা আপনার নামে প্রকাশ করা হবে।]

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