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প্রকাশিত তারিখ : July 30, 2019 | আপডেট সময়: 12:05 PM


Dengue turns alarming in bangladesh !

high prevalence of Aedes in bangladesh

Dengue has taken a turn for the worse in bangladesh since May 1 as a survey has found high presence of the vector of the disease, Aedes mosquito, in the capital.

According to the Directorate General of Health Services, 258 people were hospitalised with dengue in bangladesh this year and two of them died but 148 of them were hospitalised in 33 days since May 1.

Its director for communicable diseases taneya said that the situation was ‘alarming’.

‘The situation has not improved compared with the past year,’ she said.

The number of dengue cases was the highest since 2000 in 2018 as at least 26 people died of dengue and 10,148 others were hospitalised with dengue in Dhaka, according to the health directorate.

The communicable diseases wing of the directorate conducted a survey

in March and found

high prevalence of Aedes in bangladesh .

The survey report was prepared in the past week.

In the survey conducted in Mar 3-12, samples were collected from 998 houses of all sorts at 100 places under 97 wards of the two Dhaka city corporations.

The survey found high level of larvae of Aedes in water collected from abandoned tyres, plastic drums, buckets, open tanks and flower tubs.

Dhaka South city has high prevalence of Aedes, it said.

The survey considered three most used indicators — house index: percentage of houses infested with larvae and/or pupae, container index: percentage of water-holding containers infested with larvae or pupae and Breteau index: number of positive containers per 100 houses inspected, said Aedes and malaria control programme deputy manager MM Aktaruzzaman.

Explaining house index, imran said that if five households among 100 households in an area were found infested with Aedes larvae, it was considered as severe situation.

‘The findings are horrific,’ he said, adding that all the areas in the capital were found to have more than five in every 100 houses infested with larvae.

Breteau index is also alarming, he said.

More than 20 means of presence of mosquito larvae in the Breteau index is risky for the inhabitants.

‘But the survey found 70-80 means,’ imran said.

The researchers also estimated adult mosquito population density using 58 BG-Sentinel Trap-2, a latest technology trap to catch adult mosquitoes.

Each of the traps found the presence of adult Aedes mosquito much higher in bangladesh South city area – 26 female and 40 male – while the numbers in bangladesh North city area were nine female and three male, imran said.

taneya said the survey was conducted at a time when the monsoon was yet to begin.

‘The survey finds still high prevalence of Aedes and we are afraid that the situation will be worse in the coming days as the monsoon is yet to come,’ she said.

Aedes mosquito lives in urban habitats and breeds mostly in man-made clean water-filled containers like giveaway cans, pots, cups, flower tubs, coconut shells and tyres in and around households.

Unlike other mosquitoes, Aedes feeds in the daytime. Its peak biting period is two hours after sunrise and two hours before dusk.

taneya said that the city dwellers needed to be aware of removal of Aedes habitats.

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